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      1. Products

        Bluetooth FM Transmitter

        Bluetooth Car MP3 FM Transmitter with dual USB car chargers

        Item No.: BC26
        Wireless Bluetooth Car MP3 FM Transmitter with dual USB car chargers(5V/1A+QC3.0)

        1. Bluetooth V4.1+EDR

        2. LCD Display size 1.4 inch

        3. Supports for reading USB 1G to 32G

        4. Dual charging ports

        5. Supports for Micro SD card 1G to 32G

        6. Aux-in function

        7. Voltage detection

        8. USB 1 output 5V/1A with charging recognition

        9. USB 2 supports QC3.0(3.6V-12V/3A max)

        10. Music format MP3/WMA

        11. Supports for audio navigation

        12. Caller number voice speaking

        13. Multi-language and folder function

        14. FM frequency 87.5-108.0MHz